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Purply on the move in Finland. Soon to be introducing Denmark.

Purply is growing fast and has now introduced the fashion retail index in Finland. Next stop is Denmark in the quest for a Nordic retail index.

It has been a busy first month for Tiina Vuori, Purplys new vice president of sales. Based in Helsinki, Tiina has introduced Purplys fashion index in Finland and has already signed a couple of retail chains, and more are coming.

- It has been very interesting listening and learning about the insights from both retailers and brands concerning current situation of data sharing in the fashion industry. The main reason for our fast expansion has been that this type of industry benchmark data is something the industry is still lacking, says Tiina.

The Nordics a priority

Purply recruited Tiina from insight technology company Cint and she started her new job in the beginning of February. Her priority is to grow the Purply index for the fashion industry in the Nordics, starting out in Finland.

- Finland and the Baltics are rather small but at the same time important markets for many premium fashion brands. From the talks with several retail chains within the past weeks it is easy to draw the conclusion that the retailers are increasingly interested in data sharing. Especially important is the ability to benchmark their own performance against the other Nordic fashion industry, says Tiina Vouri.

Denmark next

With sales already being on a roll in Finland, the next stop for Tiina and Purply will be Denmark. One of the most influential countries in the fashion industry, Denmark is a bit different than Finland in terms of the variety of stores and brands.

- I think we have a positive challenge when it comes to the Danish retailers, since a lot of our Nordic customers on the brand side have a large part of their business in Denmark. Already having success stories in other Nordic countries is of course helping the expansion into Denmark, but it is also important to build a trusted ecosystem together with the retailers in fashion industry, says Tiina.

Exciting journey

Purply started its retail index for the fashion industry in Sweden in 2022. Since then, it has grown significantly and today contains stores with an accumulated turnover of over 100 million euros in Sweden and Norway.

- It is a very exciting adventure we are already going through with this fast growth, and at the same time building a world class company together, says Tiina. What makes the journey unique is that we can really build something that doesn't yet exist in the retail industry.

More retail industries in Purply

Purply is growing fast and has also been in contact with large companies in other industries, and it will not be long before Purply can present new indexes for other industries in the Nordics.

- We are working hard to expand the Purply index to the DIY sector already within this quarter, there are some truly exciting partnerships in this sector already, says Tiina. Stay tuned for more news regarding the DIY index soon!

The team at Purply Retail


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