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Purply’s unique index is growing – Turnover has now passed the billion-mark.

The turnover for all shops included in the Purply index has passed SEK 1 billion year on year. Obviously, this improves the quality of data and insights tremendously. At the same time, Purply continues to grow. The Purply index is growing at a fast rate. The inclusion of our new customers Family House, Bogart, and Vingåkers Factory Outlet, takes the index above the 1-billion-mark year on year.

- Of course, it is great to see the index grow which creates increased data and value for both stores and brands, says Gaute Green-Stensrud, CRO at Purply.

Powerful growth Purply has developed an application where stores and brands for the first time can compare themselves to one another, with data in real-time. This is presented through an index where you can see your own performance, while also being able to benchmark the market average. At the moment, around 125 stores and brands have joined, and the index is steadily growing. Currently, Purply is negotiating with big industry participants in the Nordics within fashion, but also in other industries.

- The interest for our service is great. To work data-driven, to compare and gain insights from others is a recipe for success, says Gaute Green-Stensrud.

New handbook with tips To meet the customer’s demand, Purply is developing a handbook with tangible tips on how to improve sales. For stores this can for example be around improving turnover, finding the right purchasing volumes or to increase sell-through. For brands, it can be about increasing sales in the coming season or within which product group you are out-performing competitors. All tips aim to increase sales and improve profitability for all industry participants.

- Even though the service is easy to use, Purply aims to help customers find paths towards earning more money. There are actually great values to be found by simple insights, says Gaute Green-Stensrud.

The team at Purply Retail


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