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”This is the future” – says Nordic Chief of Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Jan Antonsson, commercial chief in the Nordics and Baltics for PvH sees Purply as an important tool for his brands in the future. PvH brands, which includes Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, have joined the Purply index in the Nordics and see a lot of value in the service.

Purply is growing and brands are more and more interested in using the index to develop their business. PvH, which includes fashion brands Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, subscribes to the index to get continuous insights

- We always look to improve in the ways we are working, and Purply gives us the tools to actually look at real numbers in real time, says Jan Antonsson.

A multitude of insights

There are a lot of insights that the brands can get from the index, such as comparing themselves against their competitors and at the same time get insights from the industry as a whole.

- We always look for ways to learn and analyze our competitors. This is a great tool access numbers and see the entire industry. It is very interesting to see how the fashion industry is changing, continues Jan Antonsson.

The future is data-driven

Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein are of course big players in the fashion industry and therefore, they get a lot of valuable information by subscribing to the Purply retail index. But as Jan Antonsson points out, every brand should use it because of the variety of features.

- I think the future is more driven by data. We need to analyze more to take better decisions. We as a company needs to look at our whole business, from design and distribution to discounts and price points, says Jan Antonsson.

A numbers game

As for the immediate future, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein will work with the Purply index to help their clients and be a better partner to the stores. Jan Antonsson hopes that the stores appreciate and take the opportunity to use the Purply index as a tool to grow their business in partnership with the brands. The more stores that join, the more help both the brands and the stores will get from each other.

- We see it as a great opportunity to work with our clients so that they can feel even more comfortable with us as a brand. We need to be on top of things all the time. I really hope that stores join because that is the only way that we could get the insights and be able to help, says Jan Antonsson.

Europe is next

Purply is growing larger by the day and has big visions about the future. The Nordic countries are the first priorities, but soon enough the company is prepared to take the next step into the rest of Europe. This is much to the delight of multinational brand as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

- It would of course be good for us as we want to see the whole industry in Europe. We understand that there are a lot of differences between the countries and we need to get better insights to improve as a company, concludes Jan Antonsson.

The team at Purply Retail


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