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"We revolutionize the way data, technology and people merge to propel ambitious companies and professionals to world class performance". 

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Johan Wirf

Partner, CEO


Leader with a strong drive and experience from roles such as CIO at Swedish Match & Clas Ohlson, Swedish manager of IT Strategy & Transformation at Accenture, and Nordics manager for Tietos software division.

+46 70 730 09 19

Åsa 1_edited.webp

Åsa Hamberg



Award winning leader with experience from roles as chief business developer at Clas Ohlson, COO at Saab Security with an edge in capability governance and program management.

+46 72 729 50 58


Outi Lotti

Chief Technology Officer


Outi is a highly motivated and responsible team player by nature and used to taking the lead and making decisions. Her guarantee of success is direct and honest communication with a positive attitude and humor. To achieve the desired result, Outi's most important personal qualities are that she is ambitious and determined and has a continuous desire for develop herself.

+46 70 955 03 34


Emma Gullborn

Product manager


Emma has many years of experience from big and complex cross functional project. In roles such as strategist, project lead, and change manager, she has delivered value for many companies and organisations. Emma is appreciated both by customers and colleagues, who describe her as empathic, innovative and dependable

+46 72 329 04 70


Ulrich Boyer



Serial entrepreneur with many companies in his portfolio and experience from roles such as chairman of NEPA and ECI Media, as well as knowledge within marketing and media.

+46 70 882 66 18


Karl Ingerstam

Lead Architect


Karl has solid technical knowledge within a wide range of areas. He is responsible for architecture and infrastructure in his role as product architect for Purply. Additionally, Karl serves as IT architect, team lead for the development team, product owner, project leader, and system specialist. He is driven by curiosity, innovation, and by finding the best solution regardless of the situation. He is to the point, calm and clear, and thrives in environments with a lot of positivity.

+46 76 306 63 93

Gaute 2.jpg

Gaute Green-Stensrud



Passionate salesman with previous commitments as Managing Director at Visma, SVP for Northern Europe, and MEA at Cint with experience from establishing and growing sales departments.

+46 73 330 90 99

Ludvig Andersson image_edited.png

Ludvig Andersson


Ludvig is described by his colleagues as an ambitious person who always puts the team before himself. He is a prestigeless individual who is driven to always ensure the highest quality on any delivery. With his keen interest in tech, Ludvig also has a leg up in quickly being able to understand and work with ned technical solutions and thereby give valuable inputs.



Hjalmar Bergkvist

Sales specialist


Educated in Economics at Uppsala University along with extensive experience within sales and business development, Hjalmar sees his role at Purply as an opportunity to, with joy and curiosity, take on the issues that the companies clients and partners are facing, with the goal of delivering a world class performance.

Isak Lind image.png

Isak Lind

Business Analyst


Isak is a solutions oriented and creative person with a wide range of work exprience. Colleagues describe him as curious, positive, and attentive. Isak is concerned with creating an environment where discussions thrive and everyone is welcome. Work, studies, and sports have made Isak into a strong proponent of the fact that a well functioning group is stronger than the individual. Therefore, he makes sure to create a safe workspace where people can step forward and show their very best.

Erik Felin image.jpg

Erik Felin



Eric has bachelor's degrees in both business administration and systems sciences from Uppsala University. He is a dependable and driven business technologist who fits best in teams, where the group goes first. Erik is also a practised analyst, with the ability to shift between overarching strategy and minor details deftly. He has experience in managing digitalisation programs for large clients, where his structured and analytical approach was very appreciated.


Jens Wirf

Data scientist


Jens is a greatly appreciated analyst with many years of experience in business and data analysis from several different industries. With double Master’s in Economics and Statistics from Uppsala University, he contributes with particularly good understanding for advanced analytical methods in combination with the ability to translate business challenges to questions that can be answered with data. Co-workers describe Jens as engaged and knowledgeable with a strong drive to help others develop.

+46 70 56 08 774


Malin Stross

Chief Marketing Officer


Malin is an appreciated and knowledgeable leader within digital transformation, business development and e-commerce with over 20 years of experience in both public and private sectors. She has worked closely with both business and IT departments, which has led to a deep understanding in both areas. Malin has with great success led complex digital projects cross functionally in a number of global organisations.

+46 70 466 96 81


Oscar Larsson


Oscar is a civil engineer with a background in physics and a Master’s in applied mathematics. He has broad experience in data and IT and describes himself a something of a full-stack data scientist.

Co-workers describe Oscar as curious and driven, ambitious and constantly striving higher.

+46 76 322 88 03

Data engineer


André Malm


André has over 18 years of experience with projects in market analysis, business analysis, pre studies, and procurements for clients such as authorities, telecom operators, venture capitalists, and start ups in both Sweden and Europe. He is very used to working in the borderland between IT and business for clients in both the public and private sectors. André is known for his analytical ability, knack for problem solving and goal-oriented nature.

+46 72 327 89 50

Business Analyst


Anders Blom

Chief People Officer


Anders has roughly 30 years of working experience, 15 of which involving leading positions in roles such as manager, strategist, project lead, change leader, and business developer in the public sector and the manufacturing industry. Anders has a broad range of experience from leading different types of projects and assignments, within different industries and businesses. As a person, Anders is down to earth, non-prestigious, and engaged, with strategic competence while caring about success and reaching the end-goal.

+46 70 286 49 07

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