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How we help small and medium enterprises leverage data and technology


In our experience, tech limits most companies, particularly SME’s (small and medium-sized enterprises). We work with small and medium enterprises to accelerate growth by using data & technology.



We have seen many struggling to overcome the steep challenges of embracing tech, which leads to destroyed values and ever shortening company life expectancy.



Scroll down to find out more about how we achieve this and our four best tips to leverage data and tech. 

We pride ourselves on...

Very satisfied customers


Twice the average industry delivery accuracy

Our own data sharing platform

Our sophisticated subscription services used by hundreds of customers

Our secret sauce is made up of three ingredients;


Our own day to day tech work for efficient delivery.


We strive to code and distribute traditional strategy consulting.


A new mandatory competence profile for all our staff

To help you on your journey, these are our four best tips to leverage data and tech

1. You need to conduct data try outs

Your own data is a minute fraction of available data sets. Try, test and lab to get ahead and stay ahead.

3. You need to build and establish your own tech organization

Smaller companies don't have their own tech organization, while all medium companies do. Scenario plan for easier recruitment, timing and sizing.

2. You need to assess health and dictate technology role


Technology ages 16 times faster than humans and can also be altered in infinite ways. Determine the best before date and be firm in each parts role.

4. You need to partner with professionals


Retakes are expensive, inconvenient, and cumbersome. Talk to professionals early on to avoid potholes.

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