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Join the journey towards a more data driven retail enviroment and benefit from high-quality market insights, access to a cutting-edge Market Intelligence platform and easier co-operations between you and your and suppliers.  

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For retailers

Do you want access to shared market data?

Once signed up, just sit back and let us do all the integration work needed together with your POS-supplier.


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Improve supplier performance

Say goodbye to sending out sales reports and make your suppliers (and yourself) better by allowing actionable data, in real time

Monetize your data

As a store or a chain connected to Purply, you get a share of the revenue that is brought in by brands and suppliers which transforms your data into a valuable asset. 

Take action based on insights

Take advantage of your data to propel your business forward. Our platform helps you keep track of important KPIs while also sparing you of manual reports.

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