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Bintess and Extenda Retail sign deal to establish unique Index for the Nordic Fashion Industry

Data analytics company Bintess and software supplier Extenda Retail have signed a new partnership that will make data usage much more effective for the fashion industry. One of the new analytic features is a unique, weekly industry index that both brands and resellers can use to compare themselves and get insights from both colleagues and competitors.

Last week, Bintess brand new unique analytic tool, began being distributed to the first customers. Bintess is picking up the pace and signed today an agreement with Extenda Retail, who serves 8 000 stores across the Nordics and Europe. One of the tools main features is the first Index for the fashion industry, where both brands and resellers can compare their KPIs with the rest of the market.

“Extenda is the leading software supplier in the Nordics for the retail market. It is a fantastic opportunity for us to take part in their network of customers. This eases the process significantly for our forthcoming customers and makes it possible for us to really take a grip on the Nordic and European markets”, says Gaute Green-Stensrud, partner at Bintess.

Extenda Retail see the new partnership with Bintess as another step for increased growth on the Nordic and European market.

“This analytic tool from Bintess is unique for the Fashion Industry. We have a partnership strategy regarding functionality that creates value for our customers and Bintess gives us an opportunity to widen our offer and give existing customers proactive service regarding performance a comparison to the industry. As this is an exciting innovation it has potential for not only the Nordics but the whole of Europe”, says Henning Lieng, CEO of Extenda Go.

Purply Retail is made for both stores and wholesalers. With a possibility to compare themselves to the rest of the industry, the goal for all players is to sell more, with better margins and with a higher sell through. All together this will make the industry healthier. The Index premiered the first week of February and around 50 stores and wholesalers has already joined. The goal of Purply Retail is to cover the Nordics by the end of 2022.

“We have got great response from the store owners and the wholesalers. After all, it is for them we are developing this tool. The partnership with Extenda gives us the opportunity to offer Purply Retail to all the Nordic countries, which increases the value of the Index to everybody’s gain”, says Gaute Green Stensrud from Bintess.

Purply Retail is developed by the data analytics company Bintess, who works primarily with analysis for retail, transport, and healthcare.

Extenda Retail is represented in over 35 countries and has over 30 years of experience from delivering systems to the retail industry.


For more Information, please contact

Gaute Green-Stensrud – CRO, Bintess.

Henning Lieng – CEO, Extenda Go.


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