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Women's Fashion Dominate the Start of AW23

Sales of AW23 products are increasing every week, as shown by the figures from Purply's Index. Particularly, women's clothing is selling well, with the largest product categories being sweaters and coats.

The summer season is coming to an end, and as stores clear out the last of their SS23 items, sales of AW23 products are rising week by week. We at Purply have taken a closer look at the development of AW23 product sales.

In the graph below, we can observe the trend on the women's side during the summer. We can note significant increases in the past few weeks. Sales of AW23 products accounted for 30 percent of revenue in the latest week and about half of the total contribution margin in terms of currency for the median store in Purply's index. We can also note that sell-through is at 78 percent, indicating that stores have not yet received a significant amount of women's clothing.

The product categories driving this growth are sweaters and coats, which account for approximately 25 percent of AW23 product sales in the past two weeks.

In the graph below, we look at the men's side, where the development is slower. However, sales of AW23 products have increased in the past week compared to the week before. In total, AW23 items account for 17 percent of sales and 28 percent of the contribution margin. These percentages are significantly lower than those on the women's side. Looking at sell-through here as well, it stands at 69 percent, suggesting that brands have delivered men's clothing to a relatively higher extent than women's clothing.

The largest product categories on the men's side are sweaters and shirts, which account for nearly half of AW23 sales in the past two weeks.

Conclusions Sales of AW23 products are increasing significantly, especially on the women's side. A payday week is approaching, making it important to feature as many AW23 items as possible and definitely prioritize women's clothing.

The Team at Purply


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