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Great interest for Purply at the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair

In early August, the sales team at Purply traveled to Copenhagen to meet the fashion industry at the fair. This led to many exciting meetings and insights into how the fashion industry envisions the future.

The fair week in Copenhagen is the largest gathering of the fashion industry in the Nordic region. All parts of the industry come together to make purchases, network, discuss, and present their concepts. It is in Copenhagen in August that one finds out how the spring will look in the Nordic stores. We at Purply were, of course, also present, partly to meet the players in the industry, and partly to tune into the industry trends. Dressed in the most fashionable attire we could, we approached the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair with great enthusiasm and curiosity.

"It was extremely enjoyable and educational for us. The industry has a good understanding of what we do, and we were able to schedule around 20 meetings with new clients in the coming weeks," says Hjalmar Bergkvist. Sales specialist at Purply.

Thomas Fjellström is an experienced industry professional with a background including Best of Brands and has attended many fairs over the years. According to him, the purchasing process has become more professional, and both sellers and buyers invest more time in conducting analyses before purchasing meetings.

"Numbers are becoming increasingly important for all parties in the industry. But for that, we also need more and better data. This is where I think Purply can play a significant role, as we can provide everything from figures about your own performance to how the rest of the industry is performing," says Thomas Fjellström.

The Copenhagen International Fashion Fair is a melting pot of the entire Nordic fashion industry, and the day never truly ends. It's about purchases, marketing, and deals, but also about having the opportunity to meet other people working in the industry.

"We had the chance to meet and talk with many people, and I feel there is a great interest in what we do," says Tiina Vouri, Vice president, Sales Nordics. Certainly, many are here to conduct business, but there's also an extensive discussion about how to address the industry's challenges in the future, and in that context, data-driven approaches are a way forward, even though fashion is deeply tied to emotions.

All parties agree that challenges exist for the industry. These challenges include inflation, higher household interest rates, and, for example, a weaker exchange rate for Sweden's currency. This results in increasing prices and concerns about how consumers will prioritize in the future. However, challenges often lead to new and improved approaches, and overall, there is a positive outlook for the future.

"The different Nordic countries face slightly different challenges. Nevertheless, it's clear that the entire industry wants to become more meticulous in its endeavors. This also enhances the understanding of tools like Purply, which is significant," says Fredrik Skatteboe, Sales specialist at Purply.

Fredrik, Tiina and Hjalmar from Purply at the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair.

Best regards,

The team at Purply


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