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High Interest in Market Scanner

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Purply's new product, Market Scanner, has received a warm reception from the fashion industry. Now, for the first time, customers can access data they don't possess themselves.

Erik Felin, Senior Analyst at Purply

Customers have given the thumbs up to Purply's new product, Market Scanner. The product has been on the market for a some weeks and has been tested by several customers.

"It has been great; both stores and brands are incredibly interested in these figures, providing them with entirely new insights," says Erik Felin, Senior Analyst at Purply.

Not Just Your Own Data Purply Retail is fundamentally a unique tool for the fashion industry, enabling both suppliers and stores to compare themselves with their peers and, at the same time, observe how the entire industry is evolving. Now, Purply has expanded its product catalog with Market Scanner. With this new product, customers can not only see their own figures but also gain insights into how stores or suppliers they don't have themselves are performing. "We have received fantastic feedback from customers. Almost everyone wants to try the product, and many are surprised that these figures are available at all," says Erika Jutila, Customer Success Manager at Purply.

Erika Jutila, Customer Success Manager at Purply

A Great Way to Find New Collaborations Market Scanner works so that you, as a store owner, for example, can see how brands are performing in stores you don't own. You won't see the numbers from a specific store but will receive the brand's median figures from all the stores participating in Purply Retail. The figures in question are turnover and sell-through rates. The contribution margins are always protected. Brands work in a similar way.

"This is an excellent way for stores to determine if there are brands within certain product categories I should invest in for the upcoming season, for instance. The same goes for brands; with Market Scanner, I can find new stores that match my brand profile," says Erika Jutila.

New Things on the Horizon For Purply, the development work doesn't stop here. Market Scanner will be followed by more new, unique products for data sharing within the retail industry. "We have several exciting new things in development right now," says Erik Felin. "It's mostly about prioritizing what's most important for our customers," he concludes. If you want to learn more about Purply Retail and Market Scanner, reach out to Erika Jutila at


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