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Unveil New Business Opportunities in a Challenging Economy with Purply Market Scanner

Purply is proud to introduce our newest innovation, Market Scanner, a key addition to the Purply platform and an indispensable tool to retailers. Market Scanner harnesses the vast data ecosystem of connected fashion stores within the Purplyverse, granting you unprecedented access to market insights that will help you succeed today.

In today's challenging economic landscape, the fashion industry faces exceptional pressures. Escalating inflation has eroded buyer power, making customers more discerning in their purchasing decisions. Consequently, there is little room for error when it comes to business decisions, impacting both brands and stores. Collaborative efforts are now more critical than ever to unearth new business opportunities and thrive amidst these turbulent times.

Market Scanner not only empowers you with exclusive access to invaluable insights into the sales potential of over 2,000 renowned brands across numerous stores and product categories but also equips you with the strategic edge needed to make precise decisions.

For brands, Market Scanner offers a gateway to a wealth of fresh retail prospects, enabling you to align with stores perfectly suited to your collections. Simultaneously, stores can explore a universe of innovative, complementary brands to elevate their product offerings.

Unlock the power of Market Scanner, a revolutionary tool that not only provides invaluable insights into consumer behaviour and demand but also cater for the opportunities of dynamic new partnerships between retail stores and visionary brands.

The Purplyverse has secured data from over 300 premium fashion stores in the Nordics and is growing.

Take the chance to explore the full potential of Market Scanner for your business!

Get in touch with our dedicated sales team today:

Tiina Vuori

Phone: +35 8 40 867 5774

Hjalmar Bergkvist

Phone: phone: +46 (0)73 509 35 62

Fredrik Skatteboe

Phone: +46 (0)70 364 94 74

If you’re already a Purply customer, you can also contact your Customer Success Manager.


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