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For SS23, Gant is the top brand for men and Ralph Lauren is the top brand for women.

Gant holds the highest median revenue in stores for men, while Ralph Lauren holds the corresponding position for women. These are the findings in Purply's figures for the spring/summer season up until now.

The spring season has reached the start of the sales period for many stores, and at Purply, we have taken the opportunity to look at how brands have performed in stores so far. We have chosen to examine the top 100 brands by total revenue, the median sales that stores have for each brand, and compare them to the sell through thus far.

In the graphs below, you can see how the brands position themselves relative to each other. The higher up in the graph, the higher the revenue, and the further to the right, the higher the sell through. We have chosen to show the top five performances for both revenue and sell through rate. It is important to note that these are the median figures in the stores.

Gant and Selected lead for men's fashion.

On the men's side, Gant stands out as the brand with the highest median revenue in stores, at approximately 275,000 SEK. This position was also held during the fall season. Second is Sand with around 200,000 SEK, followed by Ralph Lauren, Stone Island, and Xacus. When it comes to sell through, Selected takes the lead with over 70%, ahead of Elvine, Frislid, Saki, and RockandBlue.

Ralph Lauren and Elvine at the top for women.

On the women's side, Ralph Lauren has the highest median revenue, followed by Dagmar. Both brands have a median of around 120,000 SEK in revenue. Gestuz, Inwear, and Soaked in Luxury follow thereafter. The best sell through is achieved by Elvine, followed by Sand, Puma, Boomerang, and Brixtol Textiles, all ranging between 65% and 70%.

In the graph below, we combine the women's and men's fashion and can conclude that Gant is once again the leader in revenue, followed by Sand, Stenström, Stone Island, and Ralph Lauren. Note that we measure the median sales in each store. Selected has the highest median sell through, followed by Boomerang, Snö of Sweden, Elvine, and Rodebjer.

Now, as many stores begin their sales, it is important to monitor how the sell through is affected by the price reductions as stores begin clearing out wares that they have in stock over the summer in preparation for autumn.


The team at Purply


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