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Is your sell through better than our index?

We have come a good way into the season, and we are facing the most important sales period of the spring. The planning for purchasing is also starting, and it is important to have an overview of how the current season has looked liked.

In Purply, you can track sales, gross margin, and sell through, breaking it down by brand and product category. You can also see how you compare to your colleagues and competitors. This applies to both brands and stores.

In the graphs below, we show the sales development for men's and women's departments during the spring, as well as the sell through rate. Please note that the current median sell through rate in stores is 35% for men's and 47% for women's. You can easily check if your store or brand is performing better or worse than the median. Right now, before the payday weekend, Mother's Day, and student celebrations all take place, is the perfect time to take action and improve your performance.

Sell through and revenue for men's clothing, SS23

Sell through for the Men's department is at 35%.

Sell through and revenue for women's clothing, SS23

Sell through for the Women's department is at 47%.

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