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May is the best month for sell-through so far. Women's clothing performing better than men's.

May is the best month so far in terms of sell-through, as the numbers from Purply's index show. We can also see that the sell-through at the end of May is 52 percent on the women's side, and 39 percent on the men's side.

May is typically the month in the spring season with the highest sales, and it's the same story this year. We can say this with certainty because, the numbers from Purply's index confirm it. In May, the median store in the index had sales of 1,085,000 SEK, which is 10.5 percent higher than in April. For many stores, the sale starts in mid-June, and when we look at the sell-through for men's and women's, we see that the women's side has significantly higher sell-through at 52 percent. By comparison, the men's side is at 39 percent.

In the charts below, we can see the sales and sell-through trends during the spring season.

In the next couple of charts, we look at the product categories divided into women's and men's. The higher the circle is placed on the chart, the higher the turnover, and the further to the right, the higher the sell-through.

Dresses dominate for women's clothing.

If we take a closer look at what drives sales in May on the women's side, we can note that dresses are the strongest product category in terms of turnover. The median store sold dresses for almost 70,000 SEK in May.

We can also see that major product categories such as skirts and dresses had a sell-through of 23 and 24 percent, respectively, in May.

Shirts and pants dominate for men's.

On the men's side, sales are primarily driven by shirts and pants, with the median store selling both shirts and pants for almost 60,000 SEK.

The best-performing product categories in terms of sell-through are shorts at 23 percent and suits at 26 percent. By comparison, the largest product categories, pants and shirts, are at 18 and 17 percent, respectively.

Next week, we will take a closer look at the overall figures for the entire spring/summer season, in preparation for purchasing the next spring/summer season.


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